Burna Boy is the name on everyone’s tongue today. He came, he saw and he insulted Kenyan artists and music fans.

The lad who actually has a reputation for being difficult is now trending with Kenyans on twitter -popularly referred to as KOT taking shots at the artist over what they termed was diva behaviour coupled with a horrible performance.

And Burna Boy has been taking shots right back at the guys who have been tweeting him eventually resorting to calling his Kenyan fans peasants.

burna boy takes shots at anto neosoul

burna boy disses his kenyan fans

What the first guy said was something like:

“More life one of Anikulapo (maybe like son of Anikulapo Kuti?) Pree Me is my jam for life”

burna boy insults his fans

But before things had gone so far south, this is what went down: