When it comes to ostentatious living, trust that it is ALL Shaffie Weru. And from the looks of things, it’s without much effort. I guess some people are loud even in their presence. That would be the right way talk about the Raverend.

The other day I realized there was a different car parked in his parking spot and I started asking around as to whose car it might be. Trust that the best people to talk to about that are the watchmen.
And sure enough, they knew whose car it was. I was surprised to find out it is none other than Shaffie Weru’s. That got my head spinning because I instinctively did the math of the cost and realized his cars values are astronomical. Especially when you think of the maintenance!

I figure this is worth a tale telling to be totally honest with you so here goes. Let us have a look at Shaffie Weru’s car collection: