king kaka

King Kaka has for a long time been one of Kenya’s biggest ergo most sought after artists.

MAAJABU! Rabbit King Kaka Finally Reveals How He Got His Beloved Mother Arrested!

The lad whose career can be a great “trust the process” montage recently celebrated his first daughter’s birthday but has also seen his business, Kaka empire which largely deals in artist management, grow from strength to strength.

He recently took to his social media account to celebrate his life and wouldn’t you know it, he unsuspectingly gave us a glimpse of his life. we got to see how he’s living, complete with his 100 inch smart TV.

I am glad to see that music pays so well. Especially since it came with some unwanted gifts; such as Prezzo’s attention:

Has Prezzo Just Threatened To Shoot King Kaka? But Why?

Check out how the dapper rapper is living:

The Besha Shigana Effect

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