Over the weekend Maina Kageni was on his usual Tembea Kenya trip, this time, he did not do a road trip, he made the trip special by jetting off to Naivasha in style.

He was in Eserian on Saturday where he landed in a chopper.

Announcing his trip, Maina tweeted,

“Tumeenda huku next! Just landed. #Naivasha.  Je, unapajua? #TembeaTujengeKenya #TTK #TembeaKenya.”

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“Aki #Eseriani… you’re so beautiful!!! Guys, you need to visit this magnificent place. The rooms are immaculate and the ambiance, unmatched. I’m in love with Naivasha all over again!!!! #TembeaTujengeKenya #TembeaKenya #TTK ||

In the trademark Maina Kageni style he said,

“Sasa we go to the bar!”

He continued,

“Good times in Naivasha and happy people all around. Nawapenda bure!!!!”

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Check out the photos.

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