Jalang’o must be earning some serious guap.

We saw him giving us a sneak peak of the house he was building and everyone was left with their mouth open. I mean this guy has come from being a fishmonger and now look at him, he is one of the most sought-after radio presenters.

The house in question
The house in question

Jalang’o spoke during an Engage forum by Safaricom. He opened up saying at 23 he was a fishmonger who used to cast their net at night and pull the nets to women on the shore.

He used to sell fish in Homabay. He got to this point after seeing the struggle at his parents’ home with them missing meals and their house getting locked because of lack of rent.

Jalang’o missed his chance to go to Maseno school because his dad was yet to gather funds to take him to school. He went to Maseno a week later and his slot was taken.

He remembers his dad pulling the box back and going out of the school thinking that his son lost the only chance that would have changed his life and his family’s life.

School fees was a problem in the school he went to, Nyagoma boys, especially because Jalang’os brother also joined school around that time. His brother forfeited his education for Jalang’o to go school. Despite all that, his father still struggled.

Jeff and Jalang'o

Jalang’o said that his father paid school fees with not only money but anything.

my father was that guy who paid school fees with maize, firewood you know school needs maize so if he brought maize that is also school fees.

From his story, he has come from a tough background with a lot of hustles but look at him now. Driving expensive cars, wearing expensive shoes and he is a great father.


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He took to social media with a picture of his complete house. We have seen him show us pictures of the progress of building his house and today it is finished.

A complete house. I am sure his father is very proud of him and even his brother who forfeited his school fees for Jalang’o to go on with education.

Take a look at his multimillion house:


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