I have some good news for the ladies: not only does Collins Injera posses rugby skills, but he is also a husband material. He took to his social media account to show us the process of preparing a meal for the family from breakfast to dinner. Collins took us through every step of putting together oven baked chicken wings and then he made pork stew.
Collins Injera is one man women want in their lives. The ladies have mastered the art of judging the book by its cover especially when he is on the field playing rugby. Collins Injera is a perfect example of a family man who provides for his family and spends the time to whip up a meal and have it with his family together to create the bond most families lack these days.
Collins Injera and his wife
Be ready for a foodgasm because the pictures below of his recipe steps will make you salivate:
Men seem like they are stepping up their game in the kitchen. Larry Madowo who just left NTV has also been seen portraying kitchen skills making Jolof rice for his guests. Begs the question if he really does need a wife if he can cook such good food and make his guests smile like the did in the picture he posted.https://mpasho.co.ke/finally-amepata-bibi-larry-madowo-treats-these-nigerian-babes-to-a-delicious-meal/
Larry Madowo