An ardent Mpasho reader recently emailed me her take on the entire incident that unfolded months ago when an innocent lass going about her business was stripped by Embassava touts and I have decided to share everything she said because I agree with her and I appreciate the fact that she took the time to share her opinion. Enjoy.


In the wake of the now new trend of stripping women in public by the male society, I wrote a piece on the same in utmost disappointment. Wish the perpetrators of such barbaric acts to be taken action on by the Law.




It’s a huge shame on the men who think its their place to strip women naked.

Shamelessly, they quote the bible, “it’s the temple so it should not be displayed”. If that is the case, why didn’t the “believers” who were present take a leso or kikoi to the lady to cover the temple? Instead you strip her???
You are the most sinful of them all and you deserve to have been thrown at the first stone.

Shame on the men who think that just because you show some skin, you need a touch. Dressing is done for whatever reason that is personal to a soul.
No dressing is right or wrong.