The band has had exponential growth since they came to the limelight with their hit song “Uliza kiatu.”

Their lines are lyrically funny and totally relatable to the Kenyan audience. Their most recent video, “Nikikutazama” is consistent with their style. I personally enjoyed the rhythm in the lines and the overall outcome of their story.

Their main aim with the song is to appreciate African beauty, the way it is and as authentically as possible. That’s why the scenes are not fancy and the woman in the video is not a supermodel. With their fashion, H_art the band sparks a 90’s feel.

From their high waist trousers to visibly colorful socks coupled with typical mocassins, they stand out. I loved the ambiance of the video – it’s perfect for watching during an evening after work. It has a relaxing feel. Their video for “Uliza Kiatu” has gotten over 140K views on YouTube. They’ve got a lot of interesting stuff ahead.

Check out the video below: