Everyone has seen that damning viral clip of a man who resembles Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri.

Well, Aden Duale has something so say about that humiliating ‘cheating’ clip of his fellow mheshimiwa.

But first if you haven’t seen it, let me describe it for ya!

The clip starts off with a scene where a naked Ndambiri, the Kirinyaga deputy governor, and the woman are grilled in a room by a number of men who ask him to identify himself.

Reports indicate the ordeal may have been part of a set-up.


Majina yako kamili, mzae…. wewe ni Deputy Governor (Your full names, mister. You are a Deputy Governor),” one of the men tells Ndambiri.

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The Kirinyaga deputy governor says: “Mimi ni mwanasiasa. Mimi si Deputy Governor (I am a politician, not a Deputy Governor).

The man then slaps Ndambiri and forces him to state his position while the woman tries to cover her nakedness.

After many slaps, the Kirinyaga deputy governor confesses to having an affair with the woman who is seen crying.

Ndambiri also notes that he had planned to visit the woman’s parents for dowry talks and apologises to her supposed husband.

“I want to tell that man that I’m very sorry. I did not know she was married, I was even planning to meet her family,” he says.

Moses Kuria
Moses Kuria speaking to media

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Gatundu MP Moses Kuria blamed the Kirinyaga deputy governor saying he did not report the alleged extortion immediately.

“If it were me, I would simply have paid them off, not with money but with the middle finger. These cartels are rampant especially in Kiambu county,” he said via Facebook on Tuesday night. I urge him to report [the matter] to police. It is the right thing to do. I always say it is nonsensical to pay anyone not to give a story to the media. That breeds extortion and encourages criminal networks to thrive.”

National Assembly Majority deputy Whip Cecily Mbarire reckons that the Kirinyaga deputy governor should have fought back the people recording him after allegedly being caught with someone’s wife.

“I felt that he should have fought back because that’s what a man does especially when you know your family is at stake and your leadership is at stake.”

Adan Duale
Adan Duale

Now, Aden Duale has jumped onto the advise bandwagon. According to him, the Kirinyaga deputy governor should have saved himself the humiliation had he put two padlocks on his hotel room door.

Duale was to move a motion of adjournment, but started the debate that was not taken lightly by some MPs from the Luhya community.

Duale said, “Hon Oparanya (Kakamega governor) must ensure that people are safe there. I even told my governor, deputy governor and MCAs not to spend another night there because that is a dangerous part of Kenya. You must ensure you have two padlocks to your room.”

Adding, “It should be known whether it is a matter of a leader who has played around with his integrity or a matter of extortionists.”


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Well media pundit, Mukurima X came up with a sample press statement that his excellency should use, if he ever needs it. The statement has gone viral with many thinking it is an official statement from the Kirinyaga deputy governor.

Check it out.


25th April 2018,
Kakamega, Kenya.

Members of the press, ladies and gentlemen;

The events of the last few days are the least of what I expected would be trending in Kenya, but with technology anything is possible. An amalgamation of my selfishness, pride, greed, and ego have caused an untold embarrassment and shame to so many people. I am terribly sorry.

The first thing I did after waking up this morning was to pray to the almighty God to give me the wisdom to own up to my mistakes and misdeeds. What I have now is a broken and contrite spirit. I have apologized to my wife of many years who has always been my solid rock. I have denigrated her womanhood and made her the laughing stock of many. I have sought her forgiveness and I will work hard to earn back her trust. I have let my children down. They have always looked up to me for inspiration and direction . I have caused them untold embarrassment and agony. I am sorry.

A famed philosopher once said that guilt, just like salvation, is individual. This is my cross and I beseech my supporters to allow me the latitude to carry it as it should be. This is not the time to engage in acts of mudslinging or concocting conspiracy theories. I made a mistake. I want to right that wrong in a way that heals all the hurt caused. All that I need from you is to pray for me; that God strengthens my resolve to be a better man, husband, father; to be an effective deputy governor and to inspire the youth.

There is more to be done to make Kirinyaga the envy of other counties. The winds from our forefathers are blowing toward Kirinyaga. I admit, my actions have watered down your faith in me. Forgive me. I will endeavor to give unwavering support to Governor Ann Waiguru as we work to keep the promises we made in our manifesto.

Let us make Kirinyaga great again and focus on the President’s Big Four Legacy agenda.

Thank you.

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