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The sanctity of marriage is something that is increasingly and heartbreakingly being fought daily.

This onslaught happens on our television screens to the public radio to how we speak in public arenas. One can clearly see a shift in how societies view this tried and tested model for family life.

But what happens when this institution is attacked by the people in that marriage itself? In Zimbabwe, a mother has most likely tarnished the image of marriage in her children’s minds by sleeping openly with a man she was having an illicit affair with. Ngai!

What meme
What meme

The married woman from Nkankezi in Insiza district, Matabeleland South is facing arrest following revelations that she was allegedly having lungula with a boyfriend in the presence of her three children aged 16, 13 and 8.

It is reported that in the absence of her husband Patrick Chauke (47), Thembekile Ncube (36) was in the habit of inviting her boyfriend only identified as Dawu to her place and repeatedly engaged in lungula in the same room with their three children. Ngai!

What meme
What meme

Chauke is employed as a security guard in Bulawayo while his wife is a vendor at Nkankezi Business Centre. Ncube’s lewd exhibitions with her boyfriend were exposed by her eldest child who seemed to have been fed up by her shenanigans of leasing his father’s goodies to another man.

Unbeknown to Ncube, their romp in the dead of night, the children would still be tuned into their illicit activities. After being alerted by his son, further investigations by Chauke revealed a shocking discovery of some used condoms under their matrimonial bed.

Narrating to B-Metro, the larger than life story, Chauke who was in the company of his son said he tried to kill himself after he learnt that his wife has been abusing their children by allegedly having se_x with her boyfriend in their presence.

A sobbing Chauke further said their children no longer wanted to stay with their mother because of her romantic relationships.

Chauke who has since filed a report of child abuse against his wife at the Bulawayo Central Police Station under case Number IR1037/18 insisted that Ncube didn’t only defile their matrimonial bed, but she had also proven that she was not a mother figure to their children.

This is so sad!

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