Teenager crying

There are some sickening things that couples found out only after they had already walked down the aisle with their better halves.

Here are the confessions

*Stacy says

“He had had a 4-year s#xual relationship with his best female friend, that he swore up and down he’d never dated. 

Also that he had se3ually abused his sister when he was 12 and she was 11.

I picked a winner, right? He never told me about these things. I found evidence of thing 1 and the sister told me about thing 2.

We are divorced.”

‘I did not cheat in my marriage’ Jackie Matubia opens up

*Ken narrated how he caught his wife cheating with the driver

‘I had been suspecting she was cheating with my driver so I mounted a camera in my servant quarters because that is where they used to meet.

The camera captured all the dirty things they did.

She was giving another head.

A common driver a head yet  she will never do with me . I hate that woman .

I want to hurt her so bad the way she hurt me.’


‘And when I showed her the video and expected an apology she insulted me and called me a small di*k and told me she wants a divorce.

I felt humiliated so I sacked my driver but I don’t want to divorce her till I expose her body all over the internet.’


“My husband and his friend came up with a plan to catch his friend’s wife cheating.

My husband slept with his friends wife and friend ‘caught’ them. She got pregnant and during the divorce found out the baby was my husband’s.

Found this out after 7 years and 3 kids.”


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