Woman crying

What is wrong with our Kenyan men?

Nowadays, some of them behave like animals!

They sleep with anyone in a skirt, whether related or not. Are these not the signs of end times?

Kenyan men are said to be the most unfaithful and the many stories of women complaining about them on social media tells a lot.

Masaibu Ya Ndoa! ‘My Mboch Opened The Door For My Husband At Night While Almost Naked!’ Cries Out Kenyan Woman

Some men turn their homes into Sodom and Gomorrah when their wives are not around and right now, there’s a sad story about a husband who has been cheating on his wife that is trending.

A Kenyan woman has shocked many after she narrated how she found her husband having sex with their next-door neighbour in their matrimonial bed.

She also revealed how the hubby cheated on her with her mother.

“Hi everyone. has anyone ever found their hubby in bed with another woman coz i jus did. funnily the woman is my nxt door neighbour with three kids and we used to be frnds. even if u r immoral, why do it in ur house and more so ur bed where even ur four months old baby is sleepin?i have neva cheated on this fool even once bt he has cheated on me a million tyms even wit my own mother. now i have decided to finally walk away with my kids and i know God is goin to work wonders for us. plz if any of u knows of a job vacancy of any kind, plz let me know kindly. thanx,’ she posted.

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