Patrick Munene

This Kenya of ours kuna mambo! And our politicians reign supreme when it comes to giving us things to gossip(and mourn) about. From corruption scandals to which big kahuna might be sleeping with another, they are always a source for tabloid fodder.

Last week unsubstantiated rumours emerged online that Chuka/Igambang’ombe MP Patrick Munene might have had a “deeper” relationship with nominated MCA of Tharaka Nithi county assembly Millicent Morgan.

 Nominated Tharaka Nithi MCA Milcent Morgan donate re-usable pads in Igambangombe primary school. /Courtesy

Nominated Tharaka Nithi MCA Millicent Morgan(with blonde hair) donate re-usable pads in Igambangombe primary school. /Courtesy

The online community went wild with unsubstantiated reports that the MP’s wife had clobbered his alleged “lover” Millicent after she found out about the affair. The wife is also alleged to have slashed her husband’s tires. The rumoured incident is said to have taken place in Embu town.

The Mp spoke to the Nairobian and denied the claims saying:

Some people are alleging that we were in a hotel. Others say it was a rented apartment. So, one story, two venues. Where was I found? That’s just cheap politics…

Patrick Munene

He added::

All these are political stories, and if anybody thinks he can bring me down with such stories, then they are mistaken because I know my mandate is to serve the people of Chuka/Igambang’ombe.

The Mp also explained that he and Millicent were just friends. He also denied that he had bought Millicent a house in Embu town where they had allegedly met. Patrick had also written earlier on Facebook about the matter saying:

…The haters don’t control my social life, and I really appreciate the great concern and interest they have for my life and the fact that as a public figure most people needed clarification over the same and it’s my duty to provide the same. God bless you all.

Patrick Munene

Millicent, however, refused to comment on the issue according to the Nairobian.

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