Charlie's Bistro

Charlie’s Bistro was a casualty of the recent demolition spree that Nema and the County Government of Nairobi are doing to reclaim riparian lands.

The restaurant was housed in the South-end Mall that was located on Langa’ta road opposite Tusky’s T-Mall.

Charlie's Bistro

For most business-men the loss would be devastating and leave many staring at the abyss of insolvency and ruin.

But not for Dr Muriithi Muhoro, the proprietor of Charlies Bistro. The man used 42 million shillings to open the eatery! That type of money does not come easy. In an interview with Career Point Kenya, he explained how he had got his hands on that type of money. He said:

 I must say it was not cheap. I opened it to a tune of 42 million shillings having accumulated around 22 million from my other businesses and then I took a bank loan of 20 million’

Charlie's Bistro
The owner cutting a cake

So what happens now for the beleaguered owner? No tears for him. Just better. His business will now be located at City Hall. He wrote on his Instagram page:

Loading the remnants of a decadent past at Charlie’s! All our staff will not be jobless, Charlie’s City Hall opens in 2 weeks! Onwards and forwards!!

Charlie's Bistro

In a previous interview he said that he had made over Sh 100 million shillings since opening the restaurant doors in July, 2017.

He also explained that he had made over 100 million to date.  In July alone. the month they opened, they made over 3 million shillings. A pretty penny for the entrepreneur.

Charlie's Bistro
The owner in the mioddle

The question is? Will it still succeed in its new premises with the increased competition from the many upmarket restaurants in town like CJ’s? Only time will tell.

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