Sauti Sol is planning a charity event. A percentage of the money collected will go to charity. This has answered many who have been questioning why they have not been giving to the less fortunate during this corona pandemic.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Bien said people have different ways of expressing themselves.

“If I give you money and post on social media, it becomes more about me than the person who is given, which I don’t think is cool,” he said.

“I would do a charity and keep it to myself. He added that as a band, they do many things behind. “We do a lot of projects, including opening libraries and visiting children, but we do not post since we do them from our hearts. We don’t do to show people.”

Bien said people should understand that not everyone is a giver.

“We are doing stuff but if that is your style in giving, then they should be allowed to do them. Let us not crucify those who give and show, as everyone has their style of giving,” he said.

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

He said those expecting celebrities to give should be considerate.

“People have problems so let us not assume some things, as some of us are fighting huge battles,” he said.

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