Men say that women are complicated but it’s not always true so to try and understand men better, here are characteristics based on tribe.

I have dated a few men from this tribe as I am talking from experience.

1- Kikuyu

A majority of kikuyu men are known to be stingy, the typical mundu wa nyumba. Most would rather die than spend a dime on you.

Plus we all know that their wooing and introduction skills are very wanting, Kiambu county should consider opening a school where her men will learn how to treat women.

I know huwezi kula mapenzi but mapenzi yanarun dunia.


2. Kambas

According to my female colleague who is a Kamba, men from her tribe are good in bed, loyal and very generous when it comes to treating their women.

Reasons why Luo men are the kings of romance and Kikuyu men aren’t

3. Luo

Luos are known to be flamboyant but it differs depending on where they come from.

They are the type of men who would rather go broke but please their woman.

4. Kalenjins

They have 0 % experience when it comes to romance and they would rather die than be seen hugging or holding hands with their woman.

Poor in dancing, as most have two left feet.

They are also not generous unless you are dating a loaded man who has looted the countries cash and has no problem spending it on you.

5. Taita

Taita men are romantic, they are the kind of men who will write you poems day in day out.

They are the kind of men who always lighten your day, money wise they aren’t as generous as only a small percentage are.

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6. Nyeri

Nyeri men are majorly known to be compulsive and commandeering expecting women to jump at their every command.

What most do not know is that we are in the 21 century and women are independent.

Expcting cash from them is like expecting milk from a chicken, utakufa ukingoja.

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