Kenyan Sponsors vs Mafisi

Every man dreams of dating or marrying that educated, well-mannered career woman. There are some who are lucky to get the woman of their dreams but others fall for the bad ones.

Nancy Ni Waongo Na Rose Wanapenda Watu Wenye Pesa… Here Are Funny Characteristics Of Kenyan Women With These 45 Names

Well, here are the characteristics of a girlfriend or wife who doesn’t care about your future!

  1. You send her 250 airtime bado anatuma please call me

My brother if she is this type then you’re not her number one priority. Why send her airtime than she calls other men who don’t even give her a single cent? She is just using you.

2. She asks for Ksh1500 for her hair, you give her 2k bado anaitisha fare

Are you insane? Some will even go to that local salon get their hair done for as low as 500/- use matatus and spend the balance to buy guarana.

shocked dog

3. You send her Ksh2,000 via Mpesa bado anaitisha ya kutoa.

She doesn’t appreciate the little things you do for her. Dump her bro. She is not wife material.

Kenyan Sponsors vs Mafisi

4. You have Ksh1,000 in your wallet and the fare for two people is Ksh100 and she has Ksh200  in her purse and she can’t save the matatu conductor the hustle of looking for change by paying.

Clearly, your wife’s money is not yours, it is hers alone. But yours is for both of you.

Stingy Person

Here Are The Characteristics Of Kenyan Women Who Carry These Names


5. You take her out for lunch, you spent Ksh2,000 for lunch bado anaitisha taxi

Some women want to live large yet they are very broke. Why ask for a taxi yet you commute from place to place using matatus?

She asks for a taxi so that she can document the whole journey on Instagram and Snapchat. Dear men, if your wife or girlfriend demands a lot please allow her to leave.

Why die of stress?

6. You take her for shopping, you think that you will only walk along 4 aisles and you are done with your shopping. But that is not her, she will traverse the entire supermarket looking for things to buy.

If she does this she is nothing but an attention seeker. They will always take photos in every corner of the store/supermarket just to show the whole world that she went shopping. Do you want to settle down with a socialite? Clearly NOT!


7. You promise her 2k for her hair and she creates an album of all the promises you’ve made complete with a hit single reminding you of her hair money.

Some become alarms to always remind you of these said promises.

8. She wants pizza every weekend which cost 1500 yet a bag of cement cost 750. Hizo ni bags mbili za foundation ya nyumba anararua per week. At the end of the month ameangusha foundation ya nyumba by 8 bags of cement.