A few days ago, gospel musician Kevin Bahati put up a post on social media that could have easily implied that he was looking for a woman to settle down with.

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His post which was accompanied by a photo showing his adopted children having a meal in the living room had a caption that left his fans speculating that he was looking for a Mrs.

He wrote:

“In the Mean Time before the Right Woman Comes my way? God has given me the Skill to be a Father & Mother at the Same time? DO YOU WANT TO JOIN MY BABIES FOR LUNCH?”

Fast forward to today and the “Mama” singer has received countless offers – more than he expected if I might add.

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Women from all walks of life have thrown themselves at Bahati. Some are outstandingly beautiful, some are not even worth writing or talking about.

Anyway, here are some of the sexy women who want to settle down with the singer and have already informed him of their intentions. Chaguo ni lake!

If I were you, I’d stop reading after seeing the lady pictured above – for very obvious reasons. Because I’m not, I’ll let you proceed. Knock yourselves out ladies and gentlemen!

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