Andrew Kibe

Kiss FM breakfast show presenter Andrew Kibe is one of the few media personalities who don’t give a damn. Love him or hate him, ajali!

The controversial radio presenter has developed a thick skin for trolls and he rarely responds to them.

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Kibe, who is never afraid of speaking his mind, recently shared a photo from way back when he was probably in his twenties, seated on a motorbike and asked his fans to guess the year.


Andrew Kibe
Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe

When many of you were still swimming in your papas nuts…. Guess the year,’ he captioned the pic above.

Andrew Kibe’s fans trolled him over the photo and below are the reactions

guillaume_cesc_william Hizo ni avunja umepiga😂😂😂😂

raybert22 This was either Tahamaki TV show or Tausi.. either way the year was 97-99

_mwesh 19BC😂

999_.masaku Peleka hio jacket  Museum bro

elias.maina hukua unataka kutuma fare.

wanjikumuriithi 1900

joe_mashariah_beast When you were a pastor 2005 na ulikuwa unaenda church mission 😂😂

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k_m.a.n 16BC😅 Mr Solomon

africanheadteacher 😂😂😂 ancestor

dadir101 Sawa pastor 🤣

denonjosh Let’s first forget about the year and focus on your process 😂😂😂 @kibeandy

kimanidavid1 What the f**k, you’re are a f**king ancestor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥..great TBT, guess 1980’s..

999_.masaku So hiii leather jacket n ya tene

darkoxskull 2016 before filter zitokee😹😹

gabrielopiyo 1824


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