Being in the limelight may leave one so busy and less present for their kids, but some Kenyan celebs have mastered the art of multi-tasking.

They do what they do best be it entertainment, politics and join their families for some special time.

Below are some of the celebs and their relationships with their kids.

William Kabogo

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo and his son Alvin have a very close relationship and are constantly spotted hanging out together.

But going by Alvin’s constant photos of his mum it’s evident that he is a ‘mama’s boy.’

Alvin and his dad

Massawe Japanni

The prominent radio Jambo host is mother to three daughters and they are best of friends.

From taking trips together to going for photoshoots together they are an example of what parenthood should be like.

Although no one is perfect we must give credit where it’s due.

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They are considered a power couple and one of the reasons is because of how they relate to their kids.

Their daughter Tumiso recently turned 14 and according to the couple, they discuss anything and everything.

They have an open-door policy where their daughter is allowed to ask, suggest, or even correct them when things go wrong.

Wahu with her daughters Tumiso and Nyakio

Tedd Josiah

It’s said that a dad is a daughter’s first friend and that has been the case for Tedd Josiah and his daughter Jay.

They have had each other back since Jay was three months old after her mum Reginah Katar passed away.

It’s not every day we see fathers and daughters having such a good relationship but Tedd is determined to make their relationship last.


Njugush and his son Tugi have a very tight relationship, it might be because he is an only child.

They are what we call rafiki wa chanda na pete. Tugi has been following in his fathers’ footsteps and makes fans laugh with his humorous videos.

He is a comedian in the making.

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Comedian Njugush
Comedian Njugush an his son Tugi

Diamond Platnumz

Although nicknamed Simba, Diamond does not have such a good relationship with his kids.

For a long time, he did not communicate with his kids with Zari claiming that he was denied access.

He recently started communication with them, but with all the drama going around one can’t be so sure if he is just doing it for the likes.

Diamond Platnumz
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It’s also not clear whether he connects with his son with Hamisa Mobetto. In the past, they would take photos together.

But as we all know it takes more to be a father.

Closer home Diamond has a very complicated relationship with his son with Tanasha Donna.

In an interview, Tanasha had said that Diamond does not support their son and that does not come as a shock.

Diamond has in the past been called dume suruali by Zari. What is clear though is that Diamond is not done having kids.


Akothee is the type of parent many wish to be but have no guts to.

Akothee is not only open with his kids, but he is also their friend and mentor. The mother of five has ensured that her kids never grow up with an absentee mother.

Akothee’s relationship with her firstborn daughter Vesha is so unique given that she has made her work with Akothee Safaris.

This she does with ease and is mostly known by her fans as Madam director.

Rue Baby is the second born daughter Akothee and the two are inseparable, so alike yet so different.

Akothee, her two daughters Vesha and Rue Baby and BFF (L)


They are always dancing together, hanging out together and when it comes to Rue’s career Akothee gives her all her support.

When she became the face of Nivea, Akothee was all over the internet campaigning for her daughter and she won.

Although her other kids Fancy Makadia, Ojwang and Oyoo are currently abroad Akothee makes an effort of visiting them, video calling them, or paying tickets for them to visit.

It may sound like it’s her responsibility to do so but not every parent would be bothered.

Mutahi Kagwe

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe is a supportive dad and that was evident when he praised his son Kahush for being such a good rapper.

Considering his senior position he has not shied away from supporting his son’s musical ambitions something most parents would not do.

Frankly speaking of my parents heard I have become a rapper, they would call the pastor aniombee hio madimoni itoke.

Kahush and his dad Mutahi Kagwe

If you have a good relationship with your parents value it as not everyone gets that chance in life.

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