Jaguar, Steve Mbogo Boniface Mwangi are embroiled in what will be a bruising battle for the Starehe Parliamentary seat. Jaguar a musician has been unable to respond to Boniface Mwangi thus far who has really upto now been intellectually bullying the superstar singer.

But Jaguar for his part has decided to remove the kiddy gloves and has gone for Steve Mbogo’s jugular. The singer perhaps is more spirited in his attack of Steve Mbogo because he feels he poses a real threat or maybe just because he feels he is an easier target.

Whatever the case may be, a video has surfaced of him target hit after massive hit at Steve Mbogo’s character, calling him out for being a con and a rapist (his words, not ours) after word spread that Steve Mbogo had been taken to court and charged with the sexual assault of a 15 year old girl.

Check out the video below: