Celeb politicians

Politics is a dirty game, a battlefield where only the fittest survive. Have you ever asked yourself which celebs would make good/bad politicians?

The good

  1. Akothee

Don’t we all know how active the self-proclaimed President of single mothers is? She is a hands-on person, never afraid to get her hands dirty for the good of the people.

2. Julie Gichuru

Julie would make a good politician for one reason, she knows how to interact with people and thus it would be very easy for people to share what their problems are.

3. Janet Mbugua

A good leader is innovative and that is exactly how Janet is, she goes out of her way to ensure that girls from less privileged families get sanitary towels.

4. Njugush

You might not know it but Comedian Njugush is a man with a very sober mind, he is a critical thinker who worries about the bad vices in the society.

5. Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill

He is a man of the people, he knows how to mobilize and solve problems and through his platform Churchill Show, we have seen him transform lives.

Imagine what would happen if he had enough resources at his disposal?.

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6. Andrew Kibe

He is a straight shooter, always telling the truth no matter how ugly it is. We need such leaders.

7. Jalango

He knows how to interact with the people and given a chance I think he would make a good politician.

8. Ghost Mulee

Huyu hata hahitaji kufanya campaign he would win without a doubt because he is a performer.

The bad

  1. Terrence Kamami

Kamami may be good at comedy and content creation he would never make a good politician. He has a soft heart and that is never allowed in politics.

2. Kabi Wa Jesus

Huyu anakaa softie, he would never survive in politics, the foul language, and bitter rivalry is not something he can handle.

3. Kamene Goro.

She is too demanding, she has also in the past said she like supporting men sasa bunge atasupport  wanaume ama ataturepresent?

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4. Prezzo.

He flaunts too much, imagine what would happen if we elected him? wouldn’t he use our taxes to live large? Acha akae na mama yake.

5. Maina Kageni.

He is a good speaker, a good but away from the studio he is mostly an ‘introvert’ who likes minding his own business.

With his nature he wouldn’t tolerate the constant begging from people.

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