celebs who should get married

For some of us hitting 30, 2020 is the year we are planning on getting married. Before then here are people we feel should get married watufungulie njia.

  1. Willy Paul

Bwana Mkunaji should officially find someone to kuna in 2020.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul.

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2. Bien

Bien Barasa alraedy proposed to Chiki Kuruka, his Nigerian babe but what we want is a wedding ndio tujue amechukuliwa.

3. Chimano.

Chimano of Sauti Sol should find a good woman to marry in 2020. Polycarp,a fellow band member already jumped the broom so Chimano should follow suit.

4. DK Kwenye Beat

Gospel singer DK who is also known as Stamina Daddy should already settle now. After all the herpes drama in 2019, he should now find love.

5. Guardian Angel

‘Nadeka’ hitmaker Guardian Angel anafaa aoe atufungulie njia.

After all, doesn’t the Bible say ‘He who finds a wife finds favour from the Lord?’


6. Maina Kageni.

Prominent radio personality should get married already. Team singles are tired of hoping to be made the one.

Aoe haraka haraka tufunge hii story.


Maina Kageni

7. MCA Tricky

The Churchill comedian cum radio presenter should get married already, si ameshatengeneza pesa inaeza tosha dowry?

MCA Tricky and Renee
MCA Tricky and Renee.

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8. Eddie Butita

Kenyan comedian Butita should find a partner already, it’s not fair for the funnyman not having someone to be sharing his jokes with.

Eddie Butita. Photo credit: Instagram/mammitoeunice


9. Weezdom.

Gospel artiste Weezdom should get married already, that way he will save himself the trouble of girls saying he has infected them with STI’s.

11. Jimmy Gait.

Gospel artiste Jimmy Gait should get married already, after singing about almost getting into ‘Muhadhara’ he should now find his rib.

Jimmy Gait

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