Danson Mungatana
Danson Mungatana

Uhuru Kenyatta signed a controversial law legalizing polygamy in 2014. While the law might have made the practice legal, there were/are still many who frown on it.

But despite the haters, there are still many Kenyans who have soldiered on in their various polygamous relationships either by circumstance or deliberation. We here at Mpasho.co,ke have complied a list of some of these well-known heavyweights.

They are:


The former Redykyulass member has a healthy appetite for women. This is shown by his dedication to his two wives, one of them being Linda Muthama, the former Tusker Project Fame winner.

Nyambane Walter
Nyambane on the left

And the great thing is that Walter Mong’are (his real name) takes care of both his wives with great commitment.

Mbiyu Koinange

This famous politician and uncle of media personality Jeff Koinange had four wives. A real ninja this. A man I can admire.

Jeff Koinange
Jeff Koinange, kin of the late minister

The only problem was that even after his death in 1981, the family has been squabbling for the vast assets that he left behind.

Danson Mungatana

This former power-broker was is married to Mwanaisha Chidzuga and was also former beauty queen Cecilia Mwangi for close to 5 years.


Although the relationship did not have the happily ever bow for Cecilia at the end, it did give us the viewer plenty of stuff to talk about in our mundane lives.

Suzanna Owiyo

This gifted musician has many admirers, most for her mercurial voice and delivery. But there are other admirers out there. Who? Her husband Ounga Oguda.

Suzanna Owiyo
Suzanna Owiyo

She once told SDE:

I have been married to Mr Ounga Oguda as a second wife for a period of sixteen years now. I have a 14 year-old daughter.

Esther Passaris

The politician has explained that she had been in a polygamous relationship with business-man Pius Mbugua. The two have gotten two children together: Makena Maria and Lefteris Ngugi.

Esther Passaris and her brood
Esther Passaris and her brood

She once told KTN:

I’ve been very vocal and honest about my relationship. I’m in a polygamous setup. It’s not something that I’m proud of but neither is it something that I’m ashamed of. You kind of learn to balance the two. It is the situation that I’m in and I’ve got to accept it.

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