No one goes into a marriage knowing it will end. These celebrities had the best intentions when they walked down the aisle and said, “I do” to their significant other.

We take a look at some of the celebrities whose unions hit rock bottom and opted for a divorce.

1. Betty Bayo

Betty, who was married to the famous pastor Kanyari, divorced the man of God after he was exposed for performing fake miracles.

Betty Bayo has advised people not to stay in an abusive marriage.

“God hates divorce but not divorcées because He understands the pain they go through,” Betty said on YouTube.

The gospel artiste known for her hit ’11th hour’ distanced herself from her prophetic husband and has now moved on despite the fact that the two have a daughter together.

She, however, insists no one should stand a violent marriage and end up in depression.

“I had tried my best to save our marriage, but it got a point where emotions died because of what they are making you go through.”

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Pastor Kanyari with his ex- wife Betty Bayo

2. Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro and her ex-husband, Congolese preacher Eric Omba, parted ways over allegations of rampant infidelity.

Sometimes back, they had a colorful wedding at PCEA Nairobi West and later on after 5 years, they renewed their wedding vows at Hilton Hotel, Nairobi.

She narrates how her pastor husband was busy chasing women instead of winning souls for God.

I always knew he was cheating on me.

Friends would always come around with reports but i always shut them out. I did not want outsiders, but God to sow me the truth .

In fact, besides my family and one bishop, no one else knew the hell I was going through.


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3. Anne Kansime

The Ugandan was married to Gerald Ojok for four years.

Rumours had swirled over the cause of the couple’s breakup, ranging from finances, to childlessness and power dynamics in the relationship.

Pundits claims that Kansiime’s powerful financial status over her ex husband Gerald Ojok was the biggest hurdle in the marriage.

In a past interview with a TV station the comedian was non-committal on the finances bit, but acknowledged that there were ‘other issues’ that caused the marriage to crumble.

Kansime and her ex husband

The comedian who rose to fame with ‘Don’t Mess with Kansiime’ chronicles was asked it her financial muscles cared away Ojok, she said,

That is a fact I earn much than him, but I don’t know if that is the reason he left.

She continued, “There could be other reasons that I will not get in to.”

Kansiime and Ojok were touted as Uganda’s best celebrity couple during the period of the marriage.

4. Eunice Njeri

Eunice Njeri split from her ex-husband Issac Ado Bukasa back in 2016, after walking out hours after the wedding.

In her statement informing her fans that the relationship is over, Eunice cited concerns with her passion and where it lay.

“I did go to the altar to get married, but at the end of that day I realised one thing, I couldn’t do it, my heart was somewhere else. Probably in Africa doing what I do best, am still trying to figure that out. I immediately left for Kenya and have been serving God the best way I know how,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

She recently stated that her biggest struggle remains being ridiculed for leaving her marriage.

Eunice Njeri