Every person has a twin or look a like out in the world. Such is known as a doppelganger.

Below are celebrities and their look a likes.

Yvonne Okwara and Tiwa Savage

Citizen TV host Yvonne Okwara Matole has a famous doppelganger. Many fans have pointed out similarities in facial structures between Nigerian artiste Tiwa Savage and the TV news anchor.

From their petite bodies to their melanin tone they look like twins separated at birth.

 Yvonne Okwara and Tiwa Savage
Yvonne Okwara and Tiwa Savage

Robert Burale and Male Geek Fashion

Stylish pastor Robert Burale has a ‘twin’ who is also as fashionable as he is. The two met on social media platforms.

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Charity Kimani and Lilian Muli

Former reporter at KTN Charity Kimani and Citizen presenter Lilian Muli bare a striking resemblance. These two beautiful ladies will get you thinking that they are sisters if they walked past you together.

Margaret Kenyatta and Grace Elizabeth Mkabili

Margaret Kenyatta has a lookalike, Grace Elizabeth Mkabili who hails from Voi town.

The 51-year-old social activist, is now referred to as ‘First Lady’ and enjoys ‘special’ treatment.

Her light-skinned complexion, short hair and height, bares a striking resemblance to that of Margaret.

This caused a stir among journalists during a Kenya Tourist Board trip to Voi where she was in attendance.

Since then she became Margaret’s twin.

Margaret Kenyatta and her look alike Elizabeth

Shilole and Taraji P

A well-known socialite from Tanzanian identified by the name Shilole has had people tell her she and Taraji P Henson also known as Cookie from Empire are lookalikes.

Be the judge.

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Willy Paul and Danville Msafi
Based in Nakuru and signed to Safi Records, Willy Paul’s lookalike Danville Msafi has a lot in common with Willy Paul.

Dancun Otieno is his real name and like Willy Paul he is also a musician.

This does  not change the fact that he still looks, acts and poses like the controversial Artiste.

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