Nameless ,Wahu and kids

Veteran Kenyan singer Nameless is one of the most celebrated artists in the country and more so, a loving father and a doting husband to fellow singer Wahu Kagwi.

The humble singer is a proud father of two adorable daughters, 8-year-old Tumiso and 2-year-old Nyakio Mathenge, who he flosses a lot with on social media.

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He finds it hard when he is flying out of the country and has to leave them behind, so he has to find something special to do with them before going away for days.

This time, he decided to teach his girls something about football, how to dribble, which is popularly known as ‘Pepeta’ in Swahili. Wow, I just admire how he spends quality time with his girls. So adorable!

He posted a video with his daughters with the caption:

Pepetaing used to be my thing!! … just showing my gals my football skillz.. (or what’s left of them.. ??) before I head to the airport… Canada here I come!!! #Aliveandkicking

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Here is the video. Would you give him the title of celebrity dad of the year?