We take a look at old celebrity couples who we wish were still dating. We may never know why they broke up but they looked good together.

  1. Sheila Mwanyigha and Prezzo

Media personality Sheila Mwanyigha was in the past dating Prezzo, looking back we realize they made a good couple.

Prezzo has gone ahead and had kids but not with Sheila. Sheila however has no kids and we are not aware of whether she is dating or not.

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Sheila Mwanyigha and Prezzo

2. Shaffie Weru and Debbie Asila

Radio personality won the heart of Debbie Asila, formerly of group gril ‘Tatuu’.

The two went on to date for years with the fruit of that union being a daughter. The couple has since broken up and moved on with their lives.

They co-parent.

Debbie Asila,Shaffie Weru’s baby mama .
Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru

3. Meg C and Dennis Oliech
Nasra Salim known to many as Meg C  was in the past dating Kenyan footballer Dennis Oliech.

At some point they broke up and the two moved on with their lives. Meg C got married dbut sadly lost her husband after he died on the day of their daughters birthday.

Dennis is not married but he has moved on.

4. Mercy Myra and Attitude

Kenyan artiste Mercy Myra was in the past married to rapper Attitude.

However the couple got divorced due to undisclosed reasons. They had been married for 10 years.

5. Willis Raburu and Sally Mbilu

Willis Raburu had been engaged to fellow TV personality.

This was after he proposed to her but broke the engagement and got married to his current wife Marya Prude.

Willis and Sally Mbilu
Willis and Sally Mbilu.


6. J Blessing and Mwende Macharia

Music producer J Blessing was in the past engaged to Radio Queen Mwende Machari and we must admit they made a good couple.

Sadly they broke up but they have a son together.

Macharia Mwende

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