Celebrities also get taken. The con game can be used on anyone, no one is immune. Here are some of the celebrities that have been conned this year.

Erick Njoka

K24 anchor was conned of Ksh.850, 000 when he tried to purchase a new car.
Gaspae Beda Omondi Kwedho, attempted to sell Eric a Mark X for KSh 850,000 but thankfully, his plan was foiled before the transaction went through and damage was done.


Bishop Kiongo

Bishop Joshua Kiongo of Full Gospel Church in Kirinyaga was conned of more than 1.5 million when he tried to purchase a car from Danson Njoroge
The Suspect was taken to court when the matter was reported

Owago Onyiro

Though he was conned of Ksh.70, 000. He never stated the kind of business they were transacting with the con lady. He just lamented about it on Facebook.

Ian Wafula

K24 reporter was conned of his two cars. He risked to exchange his old car with another better one which was cheaper and well off. Little did he know that the deal was too sweet and he needed to pull out quick. Because he did not realize this, he lost his two cars that way.

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Richard Limo

The world international athlete was conned during the process of purchasing land where he lost more than 50 million on a piece of land based in Eldoret municipality. The case was forwarded to court for hearing.