Seems unfair, isn’t it? Well then, you’ve probably lived long enough to know that life isn’t fair …but then again, you can make your own luck just like these blokes did over Christmas. They made good money …a cool 1 million shillings with Pambazuka.

For the purpose of being brief, we’ll take one case in point – Mr Julius Yengo from Narok. He is one of FIVE new millionaires courtesy of the Pambazuka National Lottery.

Interestingly, Julius had just KES 2,500/= on him during Christmas day. However, he had bought a Pambazuka National Lottery ticket worth just KES 80/= and chose a string of numbers. A small investment right …now, can you guess how much he won?

Yes. 1 Million shillings. A COOL 1 million shillings. All he did was play when many other Kenyans didn’t. Mr. julius Yengo is one of the five millionaires. This could have been you!!!

Right then, “tugange yajayo” (let’s push to the front) as the wise men would say. Opportunity is knocking at your door and you mustn’t hesitate …because to hesitate is to be lost.


There’s another KES 1 Million to be won on New Year’s Day . There’ll be another FIVE new millionaires and as at today, there are just 4 days to go. The New Year’s Jackpot is yours for the taking and if you want to be among the five, consider this – it will only cost you 80 shillings!!

Anyone who plays could win a cool 1 Million Shillings on New Year’s day and here’s even bigger stuff – if you get ALL the numbers correct, you could win the jackpot of 103 Million Shillings!!!

Let’s get started …click this link and buy your ticket NOW >>

when you’re done, wait to watch the live draw on NTV on Sunday at 7.30 pm to see if you have won.

Hit the jackpot guys! #ShereheNaHela

5 guaranteed millionaires will be picked in a random draw from a pool of all the participants.

Remember this, everyone who played has an equal chance of winning and this draw is not dependent on matching numbers. However, if you match all the numbers, then you stand a chance of winning the entire jackpot of 103 Million shillings.

You could also send PNL to the number 79079 and follow the instructions and you could be a winner. Kazi kwako!!!