We all have different talents, but it’s not once nor twice that we have seen people trying so hard in careers where they have no talent.

Below are people who should just stick to their lane.

Vera Sidika

In 2018 Vera released her first jam ‘Nalia.’ The song has garnered 1.4 million views.

In my opinion, the song garnered such views because at the time there was so much drama between her and her ex Otile Brown.

8 months later, she released a new jam dubbed ‘Mimi’ .

Frankly speaking she would rather just focus on business awachie wengine muziki.

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He came into the limelight thanks to the song ‘Unbwogabble’.

It became such a hit given that it was being used as a campaign song.

At the time he was in a duo alongside Maji Maji.

Gidi Gidi

That was the song that made them known, after that everything went still.

Gidi is now a renowned radio host on Radio Jambo, alongside Ghost Mulee.

The duo is famous for Patanisho.

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He might have all the money but truth be told his talent is wanting.

He is known for songs such as ‘Kairetu’ and ‘Summer Time’

With all the money he has, the best thing would be to support other people who have the talent but not the cash.

KRG The Don


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