Lady robber
Lady robber. photo credit: tuko

Clubbing should be an enjoyable activity, where you have fun with friends and strangers alike. But not in Kenya! What with the threat of being robbed from or being caught by the police and spending a night in the cells. Just because you had the audacity to do so.

Naironi nightlife
Naironi nightlife. photo credit: The Treasure –

Then add nefarious characters in the club whose one motive is to rob you. A recent case has highlighted how bad it is. The adding of horse tranquilizers is not a new thing. It was the preserve of men so they could rape women. But in Kenya, there is a complete role reversal with women being the ones who use the drugs. The famous term “aliwekewa mchele” comes to mind.

Photos are being circulated online of a lady who is said to have drugged a man in his house before stealing from him valuables including electronics and money. The victim is said to have met the lady at the Space Lounge and the two agreed to go to the man’s house for more pleasure.

Lady robber


When they arrived the lady allegedly drugged the unsuspecting “thirsty” man before robbing. Then she locked him in his own house and escaped. Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi was the first to inform the public. He said:

“We are looking for the identity of this woman, who drugged a guy and wiped his house clean of valuables. His Samsung cellphone, Hublot watch, Galaxy tablet and cash. She then sent a message to his friends feigning some emergency and was able to receive over 50K in cash. She also went to KCB Mshwari Loan and got 27K. The woman drugged the unsuspecting victim whom they met at Space Lounge, and locked him up, going away with the key.”

Lady robber


You have been warned. this will not stop as long as thirsty men and greedy women inhabit this world. So chunga!

Check out the video below:

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