Decreased libido in women can happen at any time after you’ve become sexually active. Most women experience it a lot after pregnancy when breastfeeding.

Also, your libido could go crashing from hundred back to zero due to anxiety, stress, or hormonal imbalance due to changes in the body. Even certain level of sexual disorders can cause loss of libido in women.

Exercise more
Different home treatments and remedies exist, some of which you can whip up on your own to get your sexual drive up.

One of the reasons for lack of sex drive in females might be lack of exercise. Exercise is needed for an optimally healthy body and so your doctor might suggest you add it to your list of healthy things to help increase your libido.

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Cope with stress
Learning to handle stress in a positive way can increase female sex drive.

Rubbing your stress and anxiety in his face doesn’t help him notice how stressed you are, it only gives him more stress more especially when he has been trying to get you aroused all to no avail.

Get rid of your stress somehow.Once you’ve dealt with all the stress, your body will relax and you can have your libido back and intact.

Talk to your partner
Spending time and actually talking to your partner goes a long way to get you back in the game.

Every woman, no matter how busy you get, should spend at least 20 minutes of talking time with her partner. This time should be just for your partner and not interrupted by social media or any electronics.

Communication can help him understand how to help you get your libido back.

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Spice up your love life
Having just one particular prim and proper way to initiate sex every time could cause female libido problems.

Sex becomes boring and you gradually lose interest.

At this point, spicing up your love life by coming up with different other ways to arouse your spouse or teaching him different other ways to get you in the game could go a long way to tackle your decreased libido.

Get plenty of sleep
A hectic lifestyle can snatch your precious sleep from you and therefore making weary and stressed out. Sleep helps your nerves relax and in turn helps your body to function normally.

When the body gets lets sleep and more stressed out, you tend to lose interest in a lot of things. Exhaustion lowers your sex drive and so getting enough sleep or taking power naps when you can while accompanying it with rich-in-protein diet can go a long way in increasing your sex drive.

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Make an appointment with your practitioner
Consulting your health practitioner for a case of decreased libido is one of the wisest things you should do before you embark on any form of treatment or therapy.

Whether or not you think the natural approach is the best for you, making an appointment with your health practitioner to let him or her know about your libido problems can go a long way to help you find out if your libido issue is just due to stress or some other underlying problems.

Most times your libido could be as a result of female lubrication problems or some other underlying medical conditions which could be mental or otherwise.

Whatever the problem might be, your doctor will be the only one to let you know the root of the problem affecting your sex life. This makes it easier to find a solution to whatever sexual problem you are facing.