Controversial Kenyan gospel singer Ringtone Apoko┬áhas been keeping a low profile ever since he was exposed for partying with married women. The scandalous singer has decided to “spread the gospel” by touring learning institutions in the county with West Pokot being his latest stop, and the many video clips on his various soci media platforms say it all.

EXCLUSIVE SCANDAL! After All The Rumours, Swaleh Mdoe And Ringtone Caught On Camera Partying With Married Groupies

Ringtone is known for visiting schools to promote his music, tours that see him narrats his life story and the poor students who in most cases sympathies with him end up buying his music CDs. Does it mean he is an attention seeker or just a cry baby? Why would someone like Ringtone who is always surrounded by controversy be allowed to mentor young children?

Well, let me judge not for the Bible says so. Recently, during Daddy Owen’s Album Launch, Ringtone was among the artistes who never showed up.

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Here is one of the videos