What is happening to the men of God? In the recent past, many have been accused of sexual harassment and the trend seems to be growing. A Catholic priest; Father Marcelo De Jesumaria has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a female passenger while she slept on a plane.

According to the Mirror, the court heard during a three-day trial how the victim woke up to find Father Marcelo De Jesumaria’s “hands on her breast, groin and buttocks” while the flight was mid-air. He was found guilty of abusive sexual contact following the sick assault, which was reported to flight crew on board the August flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

In a statement, a spokesman said: “The Diocese of San Bernardino considers the actions alleged of Father De Jesumaria in the federal indictment to be sinful and unlawful.

“We are deeply regretful of any harm that may have occurred as a result of his actions.”

De Jesumaria will be sentenced August 24 and could face two years behind bars.