The complainant behind the arrest of rappers Parroty and Kabagazi for their raunchy hit song Niko Thirsty, is the Catholic church.

The music video director Moses Osidiana has also been arrested.

Rapper Kabagazi and Parroty at Central Police Station

A source told Mpasho that the orders to have the Wanati crew arrested was because of the depiction of the church in the music video.

“One of the reasons they were arrested is because they used the clergy’s attire in the music video and included the Bible as a prop. On the same set they were also smoking weed,” the source intimated.

Kabagazi and Parroty


“This depicts the Catholic church in bad light.”

The two are currently at Central Police Station waiting to have their finger prints taken.

The police are yet to officially comment on the case.

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