Catherine Waruguru

Catherine Waruguru is one woman who is trying to upend the way many women think. The outspoken female politician has been on the war-path recently as evidenced by her fight with a hotel in Kericho.

She was incensed after the hotel barred her and her husband from sleeping at the establishment because they hadn’t carried their marriage certificate.

Catherine Waruguru
Catherine Waruguru in a past event

The Laikipia MP was quick to rebuke the hotel for this incident. But that was a few weeks back, She is in the news again after some remarks she made to KTN morning express.

She said:

Somebody else’s husband is their husband within the confines of their homes. The moment you left your home, Mike Gitonga, you’re here as a servant who is serving KTN. You’re here because you’re serving Kenyans.

She added:

I’d encourage majority of Kenyan women who are single and they’ve found a man who they think can be a good friend and a husband, moving forward, and they love their children. We do not have to raise our children as single mothers.

Catherine Waruguru
Catherine Waruguru feeding a child

While many took offense to her comments, I wholeheartedly agree with her. The black family in America is a microcosm and cautionary tale of what happens when the role of the father is discarded.

And this trend began in the 1950’s when the black family was attacked relentlessly with the toxic message that a father was not important in the upbringing of the child. They saying was that a mother could play her role plus that of the absentee father.

His money, though was needed but not his presence. A fallacy that has led to gangs, an exceptionally high crime and prison rate among black men, high single mother rates and highest poverty rates are the norm for Black America.

So what Waruguru is advocating for is not a band-aid fix but a solution to a problem that Kenyans and many in the rest of the world are going through; a chronic lack of fathers vis-a-vis father figures at home.

Polygamy was practiced to great effect by our forefathers, why not do it again? May her advice be heard.

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