Catherine Kamau aka Kate the actress and Philip Karanja have become relationship goals for very many, both in terms of the acting industry and also as a couple. The two started their careers in the film industry and they have really grown to a point Phil is now a super director.

Celina and hubby



Catherine Kamau loves her husband Phil and we can see that even though she barely posts him with some mushy caption. This time Catherine Kamau decided to post a picture of Philip referring to him as a snack but quickly rushing to stand corrected that he is hers and hers alone!

“I was kicked out of the house by my mother” Catherine Kamau after giving birth

Kate actress

The two got married last year and they have since been termed as favorite couple 2018. Social media has this craze of coming up with taglines for comic relief in this very serious world. The tagline: ‘wakipost tunaiba’ simply means that once you let the world know who the love of your life is, they look for him/her, find them and steal them (sounds like Liam Neeson right?).

Celina Kamau and Phil Karanja

Catherine Kamau is cautious from falling victim of this and so she warned those Instagram heaux telling them to keep off him telling them to try her. Kate mentioned that she is ready to face Lang’ata prison in case anyone tries to come close to her man. Women are warned; she is not joking with her undying love for her husband Philip Karanja.