Catherine Kamau has been known as our sweet and sassy Selina from the local show mother-in-law. When we found out she has been dating Phillip Karanja we loved them even more and they have been our SI unit when it comes to power couple goals.

She finally had an opportunity to open up and speak indethp about her life before, after and during her relationship with Phill.

Catherine tells True Love magazine that as she was driving one fine day, she did just as any other Kenyan would do on the roads of Nairobi and overtook the slow car in front of her’s. As she did she had wrongly estimated the oncoming vehicle which was coming fast.

She said she had to swerve into the bushes and at that moment she was shaken and this experience made her keep off the steering wheel for a while as she healed from the traumatic experience.

The first person you could think to call was Phil but y’all are wrong. She did not call him however because she knew other than the fact that Phil would want know she was okay, she would get a thorough scolding because he knows she loves to speed.

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She said:

when i was driving i thought i could overtake, but i ad grossly underestimated how fast the oncoming vehicle was going. i had to swerve into the bushes stopped and was really shaken. it took me some time to get composure and hit the road again. i couldn’t call Phil because he knows i love sped and he would have asked me if i was speeding