I love a good catfight! And when you throw a man into the mix things always tend to get more… Heated. That is the peculiar thing about women really, they get rather vicious when a man is involved. And that seems to be what’s at the heart of the matter of the beef between Vanessa Chettle and a lass who calls herself Joanette Shiko.But let us start right at the genesis of all this wahala; It is alleged and accepted by both parties that business transactions took place between the two. But where the two stories divert is when it gets to the tale of debts whether real or imagined. And as the song goes, it started on instagram:

Vanessa Chettle Acussation

The post reads,

“Hello Atty, I want to shame one Vanessa Chettle. She’s a socialite whom I got to sell dresses for events but she doesn’t pay. She owes me 1,500/-. Might be little money but I can do something all the same. I sold her 3 dresses in differ. She had a mzungu husband in which she made me chase the cash around to get the cash instead of telling him herself…”

Long story short, she claims Vanessa Chettle owes her money. On her part, Vanessa has fired shots of her own with this post:

Vanessa Chettle Drama


Vanessa Chettle Drama 1


She then proceeded to post the following screenshots:



So what I find myself wondering is whose side of the story do you believe? Vanessa Chettle’s or Joanette Shiko’s? Is this a case of Vanessa running away with her bill or is Joanette just going on about Vanessa’s ex-husband?

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