Cate Rira

Media personality Cate Rira was attacked on Twitter for alleging that Gado the cartoonist was depicting Kirinyaga governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru in a way that was sexualizing her.

‘Gado, I’m a fan, always been but don’t sexual a woman in power to prove any point. Lets stop using people’s personal life to attack them. Stop pushing a sexual agenda whenever a woman is on a seat of power whether she is deemed corrupt or not’

‘Mediocrity!’ Nation FM presenter Cate Rira trashes Bahati’s song, Kenyans react

After receiving major backlash on Twitter, Rira told that,

‘Why is there more hate for women as feminist, is expressing yourself as a feminist an offense to make the male species’

Check out people’s reaction:

James Masinde: I don’t wish to speak for gado. but kindly look at they way she danced through all this issues only to have a final one at the house for sanitization. its not about her sexuality.

Sael-JP7: There is no nudity here. It shows a woman dancing to the tune of corruption. Which of the frames in this drawing elicit anything sexual ?

Ricky Henry: Let’s not use gender as an excuse to evade our wrong doings.

Hakuna Matata: How are you a journalist yet this aloof about literature!?

David Gachie: I guess we all learnt about figurative and literal expressions. If one was very keen in school that time will interpret the picture and find its actual meaning.

James Mwangi: Cate, I’m a fan, always been…But on this, your mind is skewed.