Khaligraph Jones has finally spilt the beans. He and Cashy are officially done, the woman who was once the love of his life.

Talking exclusively to, the rapper said he and Cashy have been separated for months now. When asked whether he was the father Cashy’s unborn baby he was cagey with the truth. He said:

“If you are asking me if I’m still with Cashy, we are not together. As far as the baby goes, That one I’m not going to talk about, sitaongelea.”

He added:

“Me and Cashy are separated, we are not together.You are the first person I’m telling this. We haven’t been together for the past couple of months. We are not together right now and hivyo ndivyo vitu ziko.I need to move on with my life watu waache kuniuliza ako wapi”

So now that he is free: Single, is he willing to mingle? We asked

“Wacha tu saa hii, sitaki mambo ya wasichana. You don’t even know I’m single or not but now I just wanna lay on the low key.”

Khaligraph bae Cashy

He however says he has learnt not to expose his relationships to the public

“Biggest mistake one can ever do is bringing your girl into the limelight”

The Khali Cartel hit maker is currently making headlines with the song Kitu Ingine featuring Sagini.

Omollo nimetoka Bondo! Khaligraph Jones goes back to his roots (video)

The rapper is set to bring Kisumu to a standstill next weekend at the Fans’ Zone event featuring Nameless, Jua Cali, Jalang’o among others.

khaligraph jones