Caroline Mutoko
Caroline Mutoko

They fought with valour but in the end, this was never a fight the could win. Of whom do I speak? NTV,and KTN. They had to come back. The Kenyan Government dug in and decided to fight to ensure that the Digital Migration took place in a structured manner but NTV and KTN along with Citizen TV fought tooth and nail against the switch.

Granted, the deadline set by the Government of Kenya was months before the international deadline but what is wrong with planning in advance?
And after losing the court battle, the three media companies opted to switch of their signals both as a sign of defiance and solidarity.

Unfortunately, there are never any equals. some will always be equal to others.


NTV is financially the giant of the pack. Dwarfing it’s closest rival Citizen TV. This is a fact Caroline Mutoko eloquently points out as she rationally explains why while NTV could afford to absorb the switch off, and Citizen could sustain itself for a short while, Standard Group was out of her depths.

She took an incisive look at the financials and where exactly the three companies make money and found that KTN… Well, why don’t I let you watch it for yourselves?