Kenyan have always gone ham on the Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch panelists for their various choices of style. The show that hosts Carol Odero, Ian Mbugua, Pastor Robert Burale and Annabelle Onyango has received a lot of flack for different reasons. The most recent being her hairstyle that many have likened to vitunguu za soko.

Fashion Watch Host Carol Odero Trolled For Wearing VITUNGUU On Her Head

Carol’s vitungu hairstyle was inspired by a video shot for the ‘Coloured’ Girl Project. This saw ten gorgeous women come together to make a statement that light skin is not better than dark skin. Check out their empowering interviews.

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Carol then took to Facebook to defend her hairstyle. Here is what she wrote,

“Hey all!

The best thing about Fashion Watch is how over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed pushing boundaries, expressing myself & reaffirming my personal style. It is an opportunity that allows me to be thoroughly and authentically myself. I literally wear anything I want. Short. Long. Classy. Crazy. Sweet. Sexy. Powerful. Lit. You have no idea how exciting and freeing it is to work with a media house that doesn’t get caught up in the jazz about my style choices. Who let me be as glam, playful, silly & as whatever as I want.
Of course I know I have critics. That they will never go away or shut up. But just like it was when I was editor of DRUM a couple of years ago, so it is with being on Fashion Watch. I always get to do me. Always. I can be smart, witty, glam, fab, sexy, classy, athletic and serious. I am so lucky I can’t even be mad at the trolls. And on my 3rd year into Fashion Watch, I want to thank all the amazing women who have had my back every single time. And all the fans I have met over the years. And the men who send me kinky messages – I’ma send you calming meditation waves… Thank you for staying the course with me. You are all precious to me. ??? #fashionwatch.”

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