Carol Nduta
Carol Nduta

Death is a terrible thing for any family to go through. Be it through sickness or an accident or just natural causes, it is sad. But worse can be when the person who died, did so under mysterious circumstances. The next story is a case study of one families profound sadness and bewilderment at their daughter’s mysterious death.

The daughter, in this case, is called Carol Nduta, 24 who was found in a well at Sportsman’s Arms Hotel, in Nanyuki. According to the deceased father, Paul Kariuki, his daughter, 24, disappeared last Thursday only to be found dead at the three-star hotel where she had worked for four years.

 He said:

“I sought help from the DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations) to help us look for my daughter and on Saturday she was found dead in the hotel’s well with a deep cut on her belly. She was cut from one side of the belly to the other and she was still in her uniform.”

The hotel said they were prompted to look for the waitress after a supervisor noticed that she was not in on Friday.

“The chief security officer mobilised a team of staff members to look for her. They did not succeed until Saturday when her body was found.”

Caren Nduta is believed to have been in the sad end of a love triangle. Apparently, she and another lady were involved with the same man in the hotel, with her rival telling her to keep of her man.

A source close to the deceased said:

“Nduta had told me that a colleague had threatened to kill her. She had also threatened her in her house in Likii.”

According to the father, the hotel showed the family CCTV footage showing Caren Nduta left the hotel and walked out through the club’s back door before she disappeared. He father said:

“From there, no one knows where she went or how she was killed and dumped into the well because that was the last time she was seen alive.”

The well that she was found in is about 20m away. The family also wondered how Caren Nduta was killed and dumped in the well but no one noticed or heard any screams.

This is a really fishy story. Let us hope more details emerge to get to the bottom of this.

Quotes courtesy of the Nairobian

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