Celeb politicians

Growing up there is that one career path we all wanted to follow, some of us did some never got a chance to.

The same case applies for celebs, most of them are not practicing the courses they studied for.

In another life what careers do you think would have fitted these celebs?

Here is my guess.

Mercy Masika

She would have been a teacher, she looks like a good listener.

Jacky Vike alias Awinja

Going by her great sense of fashion she could have made a good fashion designer.

Khaligraph Jones

In another life he would have made a good event organizer.

He has the charisma to keep a crowd entertained.


With her quiet demeanor she can make a good counselor.

Counseling requires for one to listen more and talk less, that would suit her perfectly as she is an introvert.

Maina Kageni

Apart from being a good MC he would have made a good marketer.

You know how good he makes deals sound? That would come in handy.

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Fena Gitu

If She was not entertaining us with her brand of hype tracks, she would have made a good ambassador.


She would make a good human resource manager or a PR manager.

This is because she knows how to handle her sh@t.

Kate actress

She would make a good performing artiste.

She knows how to control her audience and truth be told she is entertaining.


If he was not a comedian he would have made a good primary school teacher.

He is easy going and he is funny, something kids would relate to.


He would make a good lecturer.


This comedian would make a good event organizer.

What other career would you have picked apart from what you are currently practicing?

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