Apparently, from our office discussions, it’s hard for a man to get laid these days.

The men claim no money, no honey! Women tend to accept that to get some nooky nooky only if the man has some money. I do not fully agree with this theory because it does not apply to all.

One thing I do agree with is that women love money. Wait, everyone loves money.

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As a woman(no judgment please) there are certain professions a man would tell me he practices and that will immediately catch my attention.

I am going to be as real as possible here. I took this research further and had a discussion with most women in the office. This list is very accurate.

1. Pilots

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Other than the mere fact that the job seems cool, the reason really is they move from one place to another. They do not settle in one place. So with every town comes a new bed-mate. Are n’t they lucky?

2. Chefs

Chef Ali


In as much as the way to a man’s heart is the stomach, we women love some good food too. I mean if I walk into a house that smells like rosemary and garlic, turn on! Then he has no shirt on and an apron, damn! (Okay enough fantasy, back to work) This will definitely get you laid my brother.

3. Lawyers

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I think its the suits. The suits have a way to a woman’s heart okay pants. Plus these guys have some serious language you are just like damn son! If you watch suits, as a woman what you feel for Harvey is exactly what I am talking about.

4. Bouncers

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This is based on research. I have no idea. The waitresses fall victim here. They view these men as some hot guys. I guess it’s their physique. Sex workers also like them. Well, if they want extra cash and they can not afford to pay entrance fee, it’s a barter trade, sex for club pass. At the end of the night, that girl knows she will bag some serious money.


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We have to be real, money here will talk. Most CEO(not all) will always cheat. Secretaries are their go to. The worst thing is once he is done with one secretary, he will dump her and get another one and the cycle continues.

How can we have forgotten, anyone in the media. Radio personalities, actors, DJ’s and TV personalities. No effort required by these guys, just their name!

If you don’t fall in the categorize above, don’t worry. You can either work hard to get there or fake it till you make it.

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