Esther Passaris has done the unthinkable.

The mheshimiwa who is the women’s rep for Nairobi county ditched her fuel guzzler for a more eco-friendly means of transport.

Passaris explained why she cycled to Parliament yesterday evening for a session.

“Feeling elated for a successful ride from my home to Parliament this afternoon. Admittedly, cycling in Nairobi is a daunting task loaded with many risks, but that shouldn’t be the case. #WatchThisSpace #DadaRidesWithMamaTaa #TwendeKazi.”

Adding that Nairobians should get used to it because, “The exercise continues for one month…”

Esther Passaris
Esther Passaris

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Kenyans reacted to Passaris’ spirited move.

@george_wait wrote, “I like the way the rich have cool problems.. I wanna be rich to.”

@oumakev added, “If Mike Sonko can put up cycling lanes, life will rock!”‏

@lennybett2: Good City should have car free days.. Hope u get to lead Nairobi County.. 2022 downloading.

Hon. Justus Musyoki: Can you donate me a bicycle? I’ll be riding all the way to Utawala.

Kevin Calvince: May you donate me one bike plz i miss the whole event.

@sammyogutu: Heri wewe umecycle na watu wanasimamisha magati nyuma yako! Uliza mtu anapita manyanya road na byke atakuambia experience ya kucycle nairobi ni gani.

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Check out Esther Passaris heading to parliament in a bike.

Esther-Passaris Esther-Passaris Esther-Passaris Esther-Passaris

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