Captain Kale

Captain Kale has advised that the age of a person does not always define their character, thus people should stop being judgmental.

Giving an example, he said,

‘A woman can be single with a kid or even without at 45 with a great character and another can be 25 and married with a shitty character.’


‘Singleness is not punishment for bad character and marriage is not the reward for good character.

Let’s stop measuring a woman’s attitude with her marital status!

After all, most children brought up by single mothers are doing well in life, they are successful compared to the ones brought up by both parents!’

He further went on to advise people against posting their relationship issues on social media.

‘Losing my teenage brother and my dad to cancer was hard,’ Carol Radull narrates

Adding that not everyone is your friend.

‘Posting your marriage/relationship problems on social media embarrasses your partner, shames your marriage/relationship.

It also empowers frenemies with privileged insider information that can be used against you and it makes you appear immature and childish!

Learn to solve your issues as a couple, na ikishindikana, look for a confidant, but be careful and wise when choosing this confidant!’

Kale may not always be right but this time he is

My prediction is, once quarantine is over kuna watu wataanikana tuu bado.

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