paul Manyasi, who dropped off from a KQ flight before it landed in London on June 30

The identity of a stowaway, who fell off a KQ Boeing 787 aircraft from Nairobi and landed in Offerton Road, South London has taken a new twist.

Sky News had reported that the man was identified as Paul Manyasi but the family they interviewed says their son is alive and his name as Cedric Junior Isaac.

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The British media interviewed aviation expert Guy Leitch and he said Paul hiding underneath a Boeing wasn’t a good choice.

He probably told himself ‘I’ve made, I’m safe i’ve done it’ when he got inside. The aircraft takes off, the noise from the engine must be absolutely terrifying,’ he said.

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Leitch said that flights cruise to an altitude of 22 000 feet

Life is not sustainable without oxygen and at that level your body is pumping oxygen back out into the air so if you manage to somehow breathe, you can’t survive the cold. It is very cold inside there like 10 hours of being deep-frozen.

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